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We are looking for something unique. As the game has been out for two years already there have been many many photos shared online. We are looking for that one shot that can still surprise us and has not been done yet.


Here are the questions we will ask ourselves when looking at the photos:

( – ) Uniqueness of motive – Have you seen this photo idea before or is it completely new?

( – ) Difficulty of creation – Was some game or photomode trick used to create this that is only uncovered by good knowledge of the game’s specialties (e. g. visual effects created by Hiss entities or secret locations)?

( – ) Composition – Does the photo follow compositional rules or intentionally break them to create a certain effect/feeling?

( – ) Colour – Control has a very definite and perfectly executed colour language, was this used to the photographers advantage to create a certain effect/feeling (including the choice of photomode filter)?

( – ) Representation – Does the photo portray the Control art style?


Photos must be submitted through Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #TCCinControl during the submission period.

The submission period starts on 27th August 12PM CEST and ends on 6th September 6PM CEST.


The photo must be taken with the in-game photomode.

( 1 ) External tools for camera or shader control (e. g. camera hacks, ReShade) are not allowed and entries submitted using these tools will be ignored.

( 2 ) Rotation and cropping with external tools is allowed. Vertical photos are accepted. All other use and correction with external tools is not allowed.

( 3 ) Each participant can enter one photo. Only the first submitted photo will be considered, multiple entries will be ignored.


The final winners will be chosen from these finalists by Elmeri Raitanen (Lead VFX Artist at Remedy Entertainment and Art Director of Control’s expansions).

All submissions will be viewed and a selection of 10 finalists chosen by the contest organising committee:

( 1 ) Matt  @DarklinkN7 – /DarkLinkN7

( 2 ) Maggie  @HedaKeen – /HedaKeen

( 3 ) Dennis  @PeteyReilly – /PeteyReilly13

( 4 ) Claire  @NeoFulcrum

( 5 ) Lisa  @AmazingDrLama


The winners will be notified through Twitter and Instagram private messengers.

( 1 ) CONTROL Official Art Book

( 2 ) CONTROL T-Shirt

( 3 ) CONTROL snapback cap


2020 The All-Seen Year


What was first a will to do something between us for Christmas quickly escalated into a brainstorming: a present for the community.

So, for the first time, we give you The Captured Collective Yearbook.


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